Hailey Baldwin Reveals Genetic Disorder That Causes 'Crooked' Pinky Fingers

Apparently, Hailey Baldwin has received some unwanted attention directed at her hands, but the TV personality has an explanation for the appearance of her pinky fingers.

On Tuesday (January 28), Baldwin, 23, took to her Instagram Story to share a number of images that explained to her 24.5 million followers just why her pinky fingers appear crooked and it's due to a congenital disorder known as ectrodactyly. "OK let's get into the pinky conversation... because I've made fun of myself about this for forever so I might as well just tell everyone else why they're so crooked and scary," she captioned a shot of her hand, where her pink finger looks slightly crooked compared to the rest of her fingers. Next up, the star shared a since-deleted screen shot of the Wikipedia page for the disorder, admitting that "it causes [her] pinky finger to look the way they do."

"'It's genetic, I've had it my whole life. So people can stop asking me "WTF is wrong with her pinky fingers" here is what's wrong! Lol" she continued, before getting down to business with one simple request: "So in conclusion please stop roasting me about my pinky fingers."

While some are discussing her fingers, others are discussing the doubts that she had about accepting Justin Bieber's proposal, as seen in his new YouTube docu-series, Seasons. "This is the time I need you to stop me from doing something crazy if you think this is a bad idea," Hailey asked her parents. However, they had a different perspective on her engagement, telling her, "Honestly, we think that this is meant to be for you and we know that this is what you want, so we trust you."

Photo: Getty Images

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