Grey Daze Releases Posthumous Song With Chester Bennington

On Thursday (January 16), Chester Bennington's old band, Grey Daze, released the first track that the late Linkin Park singer is featured on.

The first single from the yet-to-be-released album is titled “What’s In The Eye” which the band previously recorded and released in the '90s. “It’s the voice of Chester you all know, remember and love but in a whole new light,” the band wrote on the song's video description.

Fans were equally stoked to hear Bennington's voice again on the track. “I think it’s still a huge honor for your guys' closest friend and our hero Chester Bennington,” one fan wrote on YouTube. “He would be so proud and happy for hearing this up there.”

Grey Daze's Sean Dowdell said that Bennington would have been proud of the album they’re releasing in his honor. “I’m very proud in how we curated this music. We took almost three years to make this record after he passed. I think he’d be quite proud of what we did,” he said.

The album is slated to drop this spring and will feature vocals from Bennington's son as well.

In December, Bennington's widow Talinda told fans of her late husband's plan to link back up with his first band and make more music. “In February 2017, Chester and his bandmates began re-recording their music for a planned re-release of the band’s early music,” she wrote. “By June, he announced that Grey Daze was reuniting and would be playing a 20th anniversary reunion show later that fall.”

“What’s In The Eye” isn't the first song released with Bennington's vocals after his untimely death. Last year, Lamb Of God's Mark Morton released “Cross Off” which featured the late singer and was recorded before his 2017 passing.

Photo: Getty Images