Lady Reveals Gender of Her Baby Via Colored Fart

Gender Reveal Parties have become a mainstream trend in the recent years. It seems that the more time goes on, the more couples feel the need to one-up everyone else for attention towards themselves and an unborn human. Because give me your money and presents and then come back in a couple of months for my baby shower and give me more money and presents.

This year, couples have moved on to highly-explosive materials and burning large swaths of land to reveal the genders of their babies. Who cares if someone dies at our gender reveal party, give me your money and presents.

Whelp, one mom-to-be has blown everyone else's gender reveals away. Almost literally.

This lady loads up a handful of colored baby power, places it all over her bare rear end, and fires out a fart to blast the powder into the air, revealing that she's having a boy.

One for the history books.

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