Dude Attacks 5 TSA Officers After Bum-Rushing Security Checkpoint

A 19-year-old man was arrested after he bum-rushed a full body scanner at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on Tuesday morning and attacked multiple TSA officers.

The man, later identified as Tyrese Garner, is shown in surveillance footage ignoring a TSA agent in the waiting area at the security checkpoint and running through the scanner. He knocks a female TSA officer to the ground and begins throwing punches at other officers, knocking another person to the ground before three of them are able to tackle Garner to the ground.

Nearby Phoenix police stationed at the airport were able respond quickly to arrest Garner. He is being charged with criminal trespassing, resisting arrest and 5 counts of misdemeanor assault according to Phoenix police and the TSA.

One TSA officer was taken to the hospital and four others were taken to a nearby clinic for treatment for their injuries. The security checkpoint was closed for nearly two hours after the incident.

Source: AZCentral.com

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