Massive Brawl Breaks Out at Little League Game for 7-Year-Olds

It's sadly a normal thing these days for a fight between two adults to break out during a kids sporting event. You have these parents that honestly think their kids are destined to become professionals and bring home millions or that the referees at their games have personal vendettas against their kids.

Anywho, we have a brawl break out with around 20 participants at an elementary school in Colorado. The fight started after "an umpire made a controversial call" after one player "batted out of order."

One man can be seen getting knocked out when he back is turned away from an assailant. Another can be seen repeatedly punching another man in the face. Four people have been cited by the Lakewood Police Department, but the video is being spread in hopes that other participants can be identified, especially the man wearing a white t-shirt who sucker punched another man.


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