Dude Steals Airport Intercom and Unleashes a Monstrous Fart for Fliers

Having intestinal gas issues and being stuck in a public place can be an incredibly painful and excruciating ordeal to go through. A lot of times you'd rather deal with the pain of holding back the gas rather than risk public embarrassment when there's no restroom available.

Then there's people who don't care. The ones who choose to release their gas as stealthily as possible. You're at a clothing store or at a museum and all of a sudden you walk into a cloud of foul air with no warning, for example.

Then there's those bold people who choose to unabashedly release their gas audibly with the widest audience possible. Case in point: In the video you see above a bro hijacks the intercom at the Orlando International Airport, positions it almost directly on his sphincter, and unleashes a monstrous fart that you could have told me he was building up over an entire a week and I wouldn't bat an eye.

Please tell me this dude is not about to board a flight. Then again, maybe they could use him to speed up a 737 to Mach 1 judging by the amount of pressure this guy released from his intestines.

And someone please hose down that intercom with bleach so the next person to pick it up doesn't get pink eye. Better yet, call in the hazmat team to properly remove and dispose of it because that thing is ruined.

Dude Uses Walmart Intercom to Broadcast a Fart to Shoppers (VIDEO) - Thumbnail Image

Dude Uses Walmart Intercom to Broadcast a Fart to Shoppers (VIDEO)

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