Crowd's Reaction to Apple's New $999 Monitor Stand Says It All (VIDEO)

It's no mystery that if you want the top of the line Apple products, you'd better be prepared to shell out some serious dough.

But at yesterday's WWDC, even a room full of Apple loyalists couldn't deal with a new product reveal.

Forget the fact the new Mac Pro computer tops out at about $45,000 if you max out the specs. I mean, having the top-of-the-line CPUs, graphics cards, and memory means there's virtually no limit on how much all of that technology costs.

Forget that even a barebones Mac Pro will gut you for $6,000 when it comes out.

Forget that if you want the fancy new Pro Display XCR, which will go for $4,999 which doesn't seem like the worst thing considering it's a 32" screen with a 6K resolution when most of the world hasn't even caught up to 4K.

Nope, it's the fact that when you purchase a fancy new Pro Display XCR, you'll have to figure out a way to mount it because it doesn't even come with a stand.

Imagine that. Almost $5K for a computer monitor and you'll have to lay it flat in front of you or lean it against some books.

Oh, there is a stand for the Pro Display XCR. But it'll cost you an additional $999. For a monitor stand... For a monitor stand.

When the Pro Stand was unveiled at WWDC, the string of oohs and aahs and applause were jarringly stopped. It's pretty apparent the Apple folks knew how much of a ripoff a $1,000 monitor stand is because they casually try to glaze over it in the presentation in hopes that no one will pay much attention to it.

Well, people are paying attention or we wouldn't be writing about it. Should have just put the price of the Pro Display XCR at $5,999 and included the stand.

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