Illinois State Trooper Dragged Along As Car Crashes Into Light Pole (VIDEO)

Warning: Video Contains Disturbing Images

Illinois state police responded to a car crash in I-94 and located the people involved in the accident. However, one of the people at the scene disobeyed a state trooper's commands, fled to a family member's car and tried to take off. The state trooper attempted to stop the driver from fleeing and grabbed the car's steering wheel.

The trooper hung onto the wheel as the driver attempted to flee and was dragged alongside the vehicle for about half of a block. A surveillance video captures the moment the car strikes a light pole, sending debris from the car flying and throwing the trooper to the ground.

The driver is seen shoving the deployed airbag out of the way and exiting the vehicle on the passenger side. He fled the scene and is still at large despite the trooper being able to get to his feet and attempting to pursue. Two other occupants of the vehicle remained at the scene.

The trooper was taken to a nearby hospital and was treated with non-life-threatening injuries and is recovering.


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