Man Taunts Cops, Shoots at Them Then Gets Taken Down in Hail of Gunfire

Warning: Video Contains Disturbing Images

Bodycam footage has just been released from a shootout involving New Orleans police officers shooting and killing a 40-year-old man.

The incident occurred in early May. Officers responded to a call involving an aggravated assault at an apartment complex's leasing office. Upon arriving, police saw Donald Davis, Jr. wielding a gun.

Davis approaches the three officers and can be heard saying to them, "Shoot me. I dare you." He fires a shot and the three police officers returned fire with a total of 31 rounds. Davis died as a result of his injuries during the shootout. None of the three officers were injured.

Davis' family say he suffered mental health issues his entire life and believe he was having an episode the day he was killed by police. He had been living off of disability benefits at the time. His cousin says, "This whole thing could have been prevented if he had proper mental health."

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