Local TV Newscast Tries to Be "Lit" for Kids and Of Course It Goes Horribly

A local TV newscast in Toledo, OH tried a new approach for the kids during tests week by injecting as much popular slang into the news report as possible.

When regular, boring adults try to pull this off, it usually goes horribly wrong. And this one goes HORRIBLY wrong.

Here are some of the lines that are actually spoken:

  • "Yeet! Stay woke, be on fleek and get that Gucci breakfast"
  • "Goooaals! Say 'Bye Felicia!' to that testing stress! Weather's going to be turnt, right Chris?"
  • "YAASSSSS! Toledo weather gonna be lit during testing week! One hundo p chance of success. You've got this kids! Steve, how 'bout that traffic? Are we looking Okurrr?"
  • "Better than Okurr! We're talking turnt! FOMO won't be an issue!"

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