Girl Pranks Dad with "Liquid Ass," Thinks He Sh*t Himself (VIDEO)

Warning: NSFW Language


If you've never heard of "Liquid Ass," it's a small spray bottle filled with a clear liquid that smells like straight up poop. The stuff is vile, like a cross between the worst smelling turd and raw sewage . Perhaps that's why it's so popular to use to prank people.

This young woman decides to prank her dad with a few spritzes of Liquid Ass while he's sitting in front of the TV watching an episode of Law & Order while eating some mashed potatoes.

He catches a whiff and seems puzzled as to where the smell is coming from. At one point he even stands up and bends over to see if he accidentally soiled himself. Then the expletives begin. The girl tries to explain to her dad that she ate cabbage, but it seems like he isn't buying it.


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