Say Hello to the Naked Glitter-Farting Troll at Universal Orlando (VIDEO)


Attention Universal Orlando guests! We'd like you to enjoy our newest song-and-dance number featuring characters from Trolls . Three costumed trolls come out and dance for about 30 seconds to a generic hip hop song about putting your hands in the air. Then, Purple McGreenNose does a 180 and a cloud of glitter is blasted from his ass crack.

It's clear that there is a "pouch" in the costume that holds the glitter, and it sounds like there is some sort of air compressor or propellant that fires the glitter out.

At first, we admit this can't seriously be a thing for kids to watch. But then you know this whole thing is for real when you see two park employees with walkie-talkies attached to their belts escorting the three characters to the staging area.

And upon further "research" this is something that happened in the Trolls movie.

Thunderous Fart Halts Professional Billiards Match
Thunderous Fart Halts Professional Billiards Match
Before he pulls the trigger on the shot, someone in the audience pulls the trigger on a ripper.


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