UPS Guy Opens Package and Steals Contents As He Delivers It (VIDEO)


By now, most people are aware of the rise of the package thief, random people who stroll around neighborhoods during the day and steal deliveries off people's porches. It has gotten bad enough that people are setting up booby traps on purpose to deter the thieves. 

Well, it seems that package thieves have reached a new low. A surveillance video set up outside of what appears to be the entrance of an apartment building shows a delivery man in a UPS uniform carrying two packages to the entrance of the building. As he's walking up the stairs, he's tearing open one of the boxes and takes out what looks like a video game controller and hides it under his uniform. 

According to the description of the video the thief is a UPS seasonal worker, someone hired just for the holiday rush. Hopefully UPS can track down who the guy is based on where the address was.


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