12 Strays of Christmas

Lisa and BIG 100 present the "12 Strays of Christmas" presented by Northwest Federal Credit Union!

Every weekday, Lisa will highlight a different homeless animal from local shelters including A Forever Home in Chantilly, VA, Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center in Derwood, MD, K-9 Lifesavers in Stafford, VA, and City Dogs Rescue DC and City Kitties and encourages listeners to adopt them or another pet at their own local shelter.

Do you already have an adopted pet you love? Share a photo of them on social media using the hashtag #12Strays and we will be sharing our favorites to the BIG 100 Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages!

Day 12 - December 21: Frankie!

Meet Frankie, a chatty kitty with City Dogs Rescue DC and City Kitties who chirps and meows when he wants to say Hello! He's affectionate and he's a huge fan of belly rubs-- and he's got the softest, silkiest tummy just built for petting! Frankie is a sponge for your attention and will reward you with plentiful purrs. And when you get home from a long day of work, he'll be waiting to greet you (then he'll ask for more tummy rubs). This confident, mellow fellow also loves to play with toys, or just chill in the window watching the squirrels outside. If you're looking for a sociable, easygoing, independent fella, Frankie may be the one for you!

Day 11 - December 20: Marjorie!

Marjorie is a sweet little girl at City Dogs Rescue DC and City Kitties looking for a forever home to call her own. This adorable 2-year-old is an old soul who would be the perfect roommate for an adopter who enjoys an independent companion but still wants a little bit of a snuggle buddy. Marjorie loves the simple things in life like laying in a good patch of summer sun through the window while listening to piano music. While this instrumental connoisseur enjoys her alone time, she also enjoys a good belly scratch and a little cuddling. Marjorie hasn't had a chance to meet kids, but she's best suited for a calm household that can match her gentle vibe. All in all she's a polite and quiet roommate. If you're looking for a classy young lady to share your home with come visit Ms. Marjorie today! 

Day 10 - December 19: Lady!

At 5yrs old Lady is a calm, mature girl from K-9 Lifesavers who loves to snuggle up on the couch and just hang out with you. If you like to watch Netflix and chill then she's your girl!  She is super friendly and loves people. She wants to be your one and only so she would prefer to be the only dog in your home. She would make a great addition to any family!  

Day 9 - December 18: Rusty!

Rusty is a very cute little guy (weighing in at 15lbs) with K-9 Lifesavers who likes to sit in your lap and give you sweet little kisses. He also has a very playful, energetic side which would make him a great jogging partner! He gets along well with other dogs but playing has to be on his terms or he isn't interested. Rusty is also crate trained. This boy has lots of personality and would be a great companion and is sure to keep you entertained!

Day 8 - December 17: Payla!

Payla is a one year and 5-month old brown tabby at the MCASAC who is very quiet until you have treats for her. She becomes affectionate, full of personality and super playful. She loves playing with toys, people watching and sitting up on a perch with her ginger-tipped tail swaying just ever so slightly. 

Day 7 - December 14: Scooby!

Scooby is an 8-year old male beige American pitbull terrier with the MCASAC. He is very friendly, playful and a super smart dog. He is very eager to learn and food motivated so training is pretty easy with him. He is very energetic and loves wagging his tail (it never stops!). Scooby would be a good dog in a home environment with kids 12 and older as he is awaiting a forever home.

Day 6 - December 13: Ninja!

Ninja is an 8-year old calm gentleman with the MCASAC. Often described as mellow and sweet, he loves soft petting, naps (who doesn't?) and lounging around... and he's a foodie! He's charming with other cats and even cat-friendly dogs. A mellow gentleman who's always alert for food! As a Purple Care candidate, his adoption fee is covered!

Day 5 - December 12: Chico!

Chico is a lovable gentle giant. Chico has been with the MCASAC shelter since February 27, 2018. He yearns for human love, interaction, easy walks and a home. He is about 5 years old and prefers to be your only furlove in your home!

Day 4 - December 11: Butterbean!

Butterbean has the body of a cat with the heart of a panther. This 13 year old little trooper overcame a broken jaw and has been in the best spirits since. As a purple care participant, his adoption fees are waived. Come to the MCASAC and interact with our affectionate little black cat. He enjoys human interaction and loves rewarding people with purrs. He likes chin, chest, cheek and ear strokes as well as nose to nose greetings. Purrrfect for anyone who loves to cuddle.

Day 3 - December 10: George!

George is a Miniature Poodle who originally came to A Forever Home from a puppy mill. He's a sweet little guy who loves nothing more than cuddling next to you while you watch TV. You are sure to fall in love with his darling personality. George loves dogs and gets along fine with cats as well. Because his vision is limited we feel he will do best in a home without small children who might startle him. 

George came to A Forever Home from a shelter (who rescued him from a puppy mill) in March 2018. He came in with his friend Izzy, who was recently adopted.  Now it is George's turn to find a forever home!

Day 2 - December 7: Prince!

Hello! I am Prince, a Rat Terrier that loves his humans and dogs. I like to play and give kisses, and go for long walks. I love attention and treats! All I need now is my own forever home with someone to care for me. Will you be the one???

Prince's family dumped him at a shelter last July ☹️ - so he has been at A Forever Home almost a year and a half. The shelter staff loved him and was very grateful that we took him into our adoption program.  It's time for Prince to find a forever home.

Day 1 - December 6: Mason!

Mason is a Plott Hound/Mix.  He is a puppy trapped in a senior body!  Mason is the perfect guy. How can you not love that sweet face and those puppy dog eyes?  You wouldn’t know that Mason is 10 years old based on how much energy he has.  He loves to go on long walks, and even runs. He will do tricks for you as well if you have some yummy treats!

Mason came to A Forever Home in March of 2018.  He is a wonderful dog who deserves a forever home. He came to us from a shelter in South Carolina who reached out to us during one of the horrible storms that hit the southeastern United States this past Spring.


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