Boxer Dude Punches His Own Coach in the Face (VIDEO)


Levan Shonia is a boxer from the country of Georgia in eastern Europe who hasn't had the greatest fighting career to this point. After losing a recent match, he has just about as many wins as losses, which is terrible in the boxing world. Before and after the loss, one that went the full 12 rounds and was left to the judges' decisions, Shonia took out his frustrations on his own coach. Shonia is seen taunting his opponent and his coach steps in to get him to return to the corner of the ring. Instead of it calming Shonia down, he gives coach a right hook to the sternum. Then at the end of the match, coach tries to calm his man down again from the edge of the ring and takes a ringer to the side of the head, causing him to stumble and almost fall.


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