Duave Digs Deep: Top Ten Albums Of 1985

Lists. We all love 'em. They're fun! So, enjoy my top ten albums of 1985. I should note, this list is based on my favorites from that time, as I remember them. “Then,” so to speak. I could do a “now” version as well, which would certainly swap out a few things. For example, The Cult’s Love would be in “now.”

10 Ratt-Invasion Of Your Privacy. Let's hope Stephen Pearcy gets it together.

9 Kix-Midnite Dynamite. If you lived in Maryland, you had to love Kix. Produced by Ratt producer Beau Hill.

8 Aerosmith-Done With Mirrors. A reunion record, but not quite a return to form.

7 Heart- Heart. Monster record, their first for Capitol.

6 UFO-Misdemeanor. An outlier, but I love UFO, even without Michael Schenker.

5 The Firm-The Firm. Having missed the live Zeppelin era, The Firm was a big deal. In hindsight, it's a hit or miss affair.

4 Night Ranger-Seven Wishes. A more mature record for the band, it still yielded the hits.

3 Accept-Metal Heart. I left part of my hearing at Hammerjacks at an Accept show on this tour. Their most accessible release. 

2 John Cougar Mellencamp-Scarecrow. A mostly serious, socially aware record, songwriting, production, and performance came together to deliver one for the ages.

1 Hooters -Nervous Night. A perfect pop rock record. Two lead singers, a unique presentation, and songs that to this day hit me in the feels.

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