Why You Shouldn't Hire the Cheapest Plumber You Can Find (VIDEO)

Sometimes going as cheap as possible on things works out for you. And sometimes they backfire. Plumbing is probably one of those things you'd want to make sure you have a reputable company and/or person working in your home. Most people would agree dishing out an extra couple hundred bucks for a reputable repairman instead of running the risk of causing potentially thousands of dollars in water damage is worth it. But in this case, a greedy landlord decided to go the cheapest route possible to fix a minor sink leak and gets what she deserves. 

The story in the description of the YouTube video explains why this plumber is being blasted with a massive torrent of water:

Wilmer tried to please the cheap landlord by saving her $150 on the bill - you guessed it - by repairing the leak with the water still on. Wilmer, confident in his abilities and armed with his trusty 5 gallon bucket, knows that he will always get her return business if he pulls this off. He gets underneath the sink and unleashes a 90PSI torrent of steaming hot water (don't worry, the minion slippers are fine). All in all, two apartments were ruined, and all affected tenants had to vacate the apartment for extensive repair. This video proved the incompetence of both the landlord and plumber, thus, the landlord was forced to pay all damages to all parties involved.

The uploader says that this video was later used to prove that the tenant in the apartment was not at blame for the flood damages caused in the incident even though the landlord tried to blame said tenant. 

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