Thunderous Fart Halts Professional Billiards Match


Nothing can derail a professional sporting match like audience interruption. Streakers and hecklers are the two kinds of disruptors that first come to mind.

Now, enter the farter. 

At a snooker match in the UK, Judd Trump lines up for a shot as he attempts to mount a comeback against Ronnie O'Sullivan. But right before he pulls the trigger on the attempt, someone in the audience pulls the trigger on a thunderous fart. It takes over a minute for the audience to settle down, but even Trump and O'Sullivan get in a chuckle. 

Despite the interruption, Judd ends up scoring the shot in the corner pocket. 

Inmate Startles Reporter With a Fart
Inmate Startles Reporter With a Fart
Even the prison guards get a laugh out of this.


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