In 1985, Swedish Hair Metal Bands United to Save the World


Coming off the success of the mega-hit "We Are the World" in 1985, Swedish hair metal bands decided to join forces and record their own song to raise money for a good cause. What turned out was this piece of crap called "Give A Helping Hand."

According to one eagle-eyed commenter on YouTube, the bands in the video are 220 Volt, Aphrodite, Bedlam, Candy Roxx, Chris 99, Crystal Pride, Deep River, Easy Action, Europe, Fifth Avenue , Glorious Bankrobbers, Heavy Load, Madison, Mentzer Group, Motherlode , Neon Leon & Bondage Babies, Odessa, Orions Sword , Oz, Power, Red Baron, Rolene, Silver Mountain, Spellbound, Steel Wings, Torch, Trash, Treat, Universe.

It's a who's who of 80's Swedish metal. We guess.


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