Neal Schon Delivers "Journey Through Time"

Well, it finally happened. Neal Schon brought us Journey Through Time, a concert to benefit California fire victims. It all went down last Friday at The Independent in San Francisco. The show sold out in minutes, and featured Schon along with Journey alumni Gregg Rollie & Deen Castronovo, plus Marco Mendoza & John Varn. The band played two sets of Journey deep cuts, along with some hits, culled mostly from the 70's-early 80's era. Rollie sand lead for the band before the arrival of Steve Perry, but still had some standout lead vocal/duet songs such as Feeling That Way/Anytime, Just The Same Way, and Loving You Is Easy, all performed on this special night. Castronovo, in the midst of a second chance at life (he was derailed by legal/addiction issues) shines, handling all the Perry vocals with a joyous gusto that eases the fact that Perry himself didn't take part. The show was filmed and a home release is expected. Neal goes back to his day job touring this summer along with Def Leppard. No word on if Journey Through Time will be a going concern beyond that.

Here's the end of Walks Like A Lady + all of Feeling That Way:

Journey Through Time - Feeling That Way

And here's the whole set list:

Set One

1. "I'm Gonna Leave You"2. "Look Into the Future"3. "Kohoutek"4. "Daydream"5. "La Do Da"6. "Line of Fire"7. "Walks Like a Lady"8. "Feeling That Way"9. "Anytime"10. "Lights"11. "Still They Ride"12. "Separate Ways"13. "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'"14. "Wheel in the Sky"

Set Two

15. "Patiently"16. "Trial by Fire"17. "Stay Awhile"18. "Mystery Mountain"19. "Of a Lifetime"20. "Just the Same Way"21. "Where Were You"22. "Loving You Is Easy"23. "Lady Luck"24. "You're On Your Own"25. "Hustler"26. "NIckel and Dime"27. "People"28. "Mother, Father"29. "Any Way You Want It"30. "Don't Stop Believing"31. "Black Magic Woman"/"Gypsy Queen"32. "Oye Como Va"