Ian Gillan Explains Why Deep Purple Doesn't Want Ritchie Blackmore Back

Ritchie Blackmore, one of the founders of the legendary rock band Deep Purple, expressed interest in possibly returning to the band for a one-off show this past August. Shortly after, Steve Morse, who replaced Blackmore in the band after he left in the middle of Deep Purple's tour in 1993, gave the idea his support.

But it hasn't happened, and vocalist Ian Gillan recently explained why there is no chance Blackmore could ever rejoin the band.

Gillan said on The Vinyl Guide podcast,

Ritchie was a difficult character – there’s no denying that. Ritchie and the band got divorced. He walked out in the middle of a tour, and the rain stopped and the sun came out for the band. It was like that. Ian Paice came alive again; he was a happy guy. And Jon Lord regained his gravitas, and Roger [Glover] came out from under a rock. Everyone started being a normal person again.

Gillan later adds,

[Blackmore's presence in Deep Purple was] a big cloud on the social, musical and professional scene. As Ian [Paice] puts it best: Why would I go back to that misery again? It’s like somebody saying, ‘You’re happily married now, but we want you to get back together with your divorced wife, with which there’s been much bitterness over the years.’ Just for the sake of the fans. It’s not gonna happen.

Deep Purple recently released their 20th studio album, Infinite, in April and is currently on The Long Goodbye Tour.

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock

Photo Credit: Keystone/Getty Images

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