LIVE IN CONCERT for Saturday, August 5

ROLLING STONES (headliner)




Headliner: The Rolling Stones

Recorded: Forest National Arena, Brussels, Belgium, October 17, 1973

While on tour in 1973, The Stones ran into a problem. Because of previous drug charges, guitarist Keith Richards was banned from entering the country of France! 

How would the millions of French fans see them perform? They played a concert a nearby Brussels,Belgium! This weekend, we’ll hear this legendary performance- considered by many to be one of their best from anytime in the 1970’s.

Artist #2: U2

Recorded: Foxboro Stadium, Foxborough, MA, September 22, 1987

Artist #3: The Doors

Recorded: Aquarius Theatre, Hollywood, CA, July 21, 1969

Artist #4: Peter Gabriel

Recorded: O2 Arena, London, England, October 22, 2013

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