TSO/Adrenaline Mob's David Z Killed On Florida Hwy

David Zablidowsky, bassist for Trans Siberian Orchestra was killed in a vehicle crash/fire on a Florida highway while on tour with his other band, Adrenaline Mob. The band was en route to a St. Petersburg, FL show on Friday afternoon, when the RV the band traveled in pulled over to repair a flat, and along with the van and trailer they traveled with, was struck on the side of the road by a tractor trailer. Several others among band and crew were seriously injured, including their road manager. David was previously in a band called Z02, along with his brother, Paulie Z. Z02 was featured in the IFC series, Z Rock, a highly entertaining semi-scripted program about the life of rock band by night, that played children's parties by day. Both TSO and Adrenaline Mob have suffered greatly in recent times, with the unexpected deaths of TSO founder Paul O'Neill (accidental-unexpected reaction to prescription meds in FL), and Mob/Twisted Sister drummer A. J. Pero, who died of a heart attack on the band's bus in 2015 (en route from Baltimore to Poughkeepsie). Adrenaline Mob was due to play Baltimore on July 20th. Their singer, Russell Allen (also of TSO), had visited iHeartRadio here in Rockville last December. This tragedy has affected many among the hard rock/metal world. We send our thoughts and well wishes to those suffering.

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