While football will dominate the sports world for many weeks to come, we are also in the middle of the U.S. Open tennis tournament.

One great story coming out of that tournament is 53-year-old Todd Reed – who happens to be working as a ball boy at the U.S. Open. Reed is a recently retired undercover narcotics specialist, grandfather of three, and war veteran.

Not just any war veteran, mind you, but a Green Beret amputee with a red, white, and blue prosthetic leg. He lost part of his right leg after an explosion in the first Iraq War back in 1991 – and now he’s living his dream, making eight bucks an hour alongside the more than 200 ball boys at the U.S. Open.

Reed is holding out hope that he’ll bump into Roger Federer, his favorite player. But otherwise, he’s just having a blast.

"Here I am at the U.S. Open in 2014,” he said. "If someone told me back then that I was gonna be a ball boy, I'd say, 'Keep dreaming!'"


Source: NY Post