Sports Illustrated has released their annual list of the least-liked figures in sports – and guess who topped the list?

Of course, it’s LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling. So, Sterling pretty much went on his racist rant just in time to get the award. Is this guy golden or what?

Here’s a rundown of the top ten:

1. Donald Sterling – LA Clippers owner - racist rants

2. Alex Rodriguez – embattled NY Yankee - juicer and overwhelming d-bag

3. Ryan Braun – Milwaukee Brewers outfielder - juicer and liar

4. Richie Incognito - unemployed NFL lineman - bully

5. Michael Vick – QB - now with the Jets - unpopular because of his dog fighting past

6. Julie Hermann - Rutgers Athletic Director - verbal abuse of players

7. Richard Sherman - Seahawks cornerback - brash post-game interview

8. Lane Kiffin - Alabama offensive coordinator - NCAA violations

9. Dan Snyder - Redskins owner - one of most disliked owners in sports

10. Gary Bettman - NHL Commissioner - at the center of three labor stoppages




Source: Sports Illustrated