What are you afraid of?

Turns out people are afraid of a wide range of things, with everything from specific items to non-specific, wide-ranging fears.

The top 10:

10. Large crowds (agoraphobia). Can also be a fear of open spaces as well.

9. Flying (Pteromerhanophobia).

8. Heights (Acrophobia).

7. Swimming in the ocean (Aquaphobia).

6. Spiders (Arachnophobia) and insects (Entomophobia). Similarly, Fear of snakes is ophidiophobia; fear of bees is apiphobia.

5. Dying (Thanatophobia).

4. Visiting the dentist (Dental phobia).

3. Going out alone at night.

2. Getting fat (Obesophobia).

1. Speaking in public (Glossophobia).

Other common phobias include: Dogs (cynophobia); thunder and lightening (Astraphobia or Brontophobia); fear of getting an injection (Trypanophobia) and fear of germs and dirt is Mysophobia, which may be an OCD-related fear.


Source: Health