And this year's prom queen is girl in the burlap sack. No, really.

COURTNEY BARICH wore a burlap sack to her prom at Holy Cross Regional High School, in Surrey, British Columbia, in the name of charity. And high cost of prom dresses. After seeing a dress she wanted ring up at seven hundred dollars, Barich realized (like most strapped-for-cash high schoolers) that she really didn't want to pay that much money for something she'd only wear once.

Her mother commented that she'd look good in a burlap sack--and she ran with it. Barich's date even wore a burlap vest and bow tie to match her dress.

Another reason Barich wore the dress was to raise $10,000 for the St. Martin De Porres Orphanage in the Philippines, which she visited in the spring. At the orphanage, she reportedly saw children clothed in garbage bags. So far, she's raised $7,500 and is looking to raise the rest by September.

Pictures of the burlap dress made by Lata Design can be viewed by clicking the link above.


Source: People Magazine