A Woman Called 911 Because a Restaurant Didn't Properly Cook Her Waffles
The 911 dispatcher handled the entire thing pretty well, and even sent a cop out there. 


Dallas Police Had a Six-Hour SWAT Standoff . . . With an Empty Apartment


So DOZENS of cops surrounded the apartment, but couldn't get a dialogue going with anyone inside.  They kept urging anyone inside to, quote, "do the right thing" and surrender . . . but no one ever came out.





A Rich Guy Offers a Cop $40,000 to Get Out of a DUI . . . When the Cop Refuses, He Offers $50,000


When cops pulled him over in his 2013 gray Audi, he had an open bottle of Captain Morgan, and his blood-alcohol was a .29 . . . or almost four times the legal limit. 






A Guy Was Busted for Not Paying His Cab Fare After Having Sex in the Backseat . . . But Finally Paid With His Mom's Credit Card


Thanks Mom !