A Man Is Suing a Woman Who Impersonates Pink For Not Looking or Sounding Like Her



Is Pink really at impersonator level?








A Quarter of Us Are Friends with Someone's Pet on Facebook



Unfortunately, a lot of us are ENCOURAGING that type of behavior.







Cops Catch a Burglar Wearing a Woman's Swimsuit He Stole



I'm not sure if this guy was trying to hide the evidence of his crime, or he just likes the feeling of tight spandex digging into his groin.But either way . . . what a guy.







Twin Sisters Are Arrested For DUIs Almost Exactly 24 Hours Apart



Naturally, they have the same court date . . . one week from today.







A Cop Is Busted For Planting Hidden Cameras to Film Men Pooping



It's gotten to the point where you have to run a CIA-style bug sweep before you can sit down on a toilet .......