Each Thursday this summer, BIG 100.3 will play a classic live performance at noon.  The song will come from actual concerts in the Washington D.C. area.

#TBT (also known as Throwback Thursday) is an opportunity to take a look (and a listen) back to the incredible artists that have come through the nation's capital over the years. 

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This week's #TBT will feature The Doobie Brothers.  The live track will come from their performance at Wolf Trap on July 25, 2004.

The Doobie Brothers formed in 1970.  The core of the band in the early days was guitarist Tom Johnston and drummer John Hartman.  The group soon added guitarist Patrick Simmons and bassist Dave Shogren.

The band performed at biker bars in northern California in the early part of the decade.  At the time, they were known for loud, distorted guitars and hard live shows.  But, their self-titled debut album featured the acoustic, country influence that would become a major part of the band's sound.

The first album did not sell well.  But, The Doobie Brothers broke through with their second album, Toulouse Street.  Released in 1972, the album featured songs that became classics like Listen to the Music and Jesus is Just Alright.

Toulouse Street was followed by a string of hit albums and songs.  But, while the music may have been consistent, the band's lineup was not.

Shogren left in 1972.  Later, the band added a second drummer.  Then, former Steely Dan band members Jeff "Skunk" Baxter and Michael McDonald joined. 

Johnston battled stomach ulcers and was sidelined for a couple of years before officially leaving in 1977.  Hartman left in 1979.

The Doobie Brothers broke up when Simmons left the band in 1981.  By this time, Michael McDonald had become the band's main lead singer and he was ready for a solo career.

In the band's first 10 years of existence, they cranked out seven platinum albums and 3 gold albums.  They had two No. 1 hits, Simmons' Black Water and McDonald's What a Fool Believes.

The band reunited in 1987 to play a special benefit concert for veterans' causes.  This led to a two city tour that featured most of players from the band's history.  A more condensed lineup released an album, Cycles, in 1989.

Since 1993, the band has continuously toured with Johnston and Simmons leading the way.