Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic defends Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder in a new blog.

Earlier in July, Vedder delivered a passionate anti-war speech to a crowd in England during a Pearl Jam concert.

Vedder's words were criticized by many political pundits and various commentators.  Eventually, Vedder wrote an open letter on Pearl Jam's website explaining his position.

Novoselic writes that he is "Standing with Eddie Vedder" in a blog post dated Sunday, July 20.

In the post Novoselic writes:

"Thank you Eddie Vedder for speaking up for peace in our world. Eddie has gotten some criticism over comments he made about the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis. That situation has been messed up for so long, it is no wonder that even mentioning it is toxic."

He goes on to offer his opinion on the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis.  You can read his full post here.

Krist Novoselic continues, "It is the knuckleheads on both sides that should be criticized and not the singer from a rock band."

During a solo performance on Friday night, Vedder covered John Lennon's Imagine.