The trailer for Foo FightersSonic Highways HBO show has been revealed.  In the clip, Dave Grohl calls the project, "a love letter to the history of American music."

The show will debut on October 17.

Sonic Highways will tell the story of the band's upcoming album.  Foo Fighters recorded the album in eight different cities.  The trailer features a wide range of musicians and others.  We see Macklemore, Dolly Parton, Pharrell Williams, Barack Obama, Slash, Willie Nelson, LL Cool J, and many more.

You can pre-order the album, which is also called Sonic Highways, on iTunes.  It releases on November 10.

Sonic Highways tracklisting

1.  Something From Nothing
2.  The Feast and the Famine
3.  Congregation
4.  What Did I Do? God As My Witness
5.  Outside
6.  In The Clear
7.  Subterranean
8.  I Am a River