Dave Grohl served as the emcee for a birthday party for Trouble Funk's Big Tony Fischer on Monday night.

That was not new information.  Grohl was on board to host the event and play in special supergroup called the Don't Need It's which would include members of Bad Brains and his pre-Nirvana band, Scream.

But, there was a special guest.

Some noted the logo on the poster of the event.  It was the same symbol that appeared on the Foo Fighters' The Colour and the Shape album.  So, a few people developed the theory that the Foo Fighters would be the special guest.

It turns out that theory was accurate.

Grohl and the rest of the Foo Fighters ripped through a full concert at the 9:30 Club on Monday.

They played a ton of their songs ranging from songs like This is a Call and Big Me from their first album to White Limo, Walk, and These Days from Wasting Light.  They also did staples like EverlongMy Hero, and Pretender.  They did not play any new songs from the album they're in the process of recording.

Here's a short video with bad audio.