Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea wrote a piece on fatherhood for BK Nation.  Flea writes about his two daughters: Clare and Sunny.  He also discusses his difficult relationship with his own father and stepfather.

On the birth of his oldest daughter Flea writes:

"When Clara was born in 1988, it was the most glorious moment of my life. I rose above the birthing scene and looked down at her beautiful and totally spent mama radiating love, and me, weeping, scissors in hand cutting the umbilical cord. Driving home with that little swaddling babe was the greatest drive of my life. Never before did I feel such a profound sense of purpose. Everything I did in my life from then on became a richer experience. Every note that I played, every basketball I that bounced, every book that I read, every prayer that I offered, I did to nurture myself inside and out, so that I might be a better parent for her. I quit doing drugs and began the painful journey of working through my own fears so that I might be a kinder, stronger, more conscious person. Clara gave me everything."

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