Bruce Springsteen will be the subject of a new class at Rutgers University.  "Bruce Springsteen's Theology" is open to first-year students for one credit.

Professor Azzan Yadin-Israel, from the Jewish studys department, will serve as the course's instructor.  The class will examine, "Springsteen’s reinterpretation of biblical motifs, the possibility of redemption by earthly means (women, cars, music), and his interweaving of secular and sacred elements."

Only 20 students will be allowed in the ten-week course.  Yadin-Israel plans on writing a book on the subject.

The professors tells Rutgers Today, "On a literary level, Springsteen often recasts biblical figures and stories into the American landscape...Theologically, I would say the most dominant motifs are redemption -- crossing the desert and entering the Promised Land -- and the sanctity of the everyday."