Rush was busy for a little while.

The Canadian trio released their 19th studio album, Clockwork Angels, in June of 2012 and spend the next year touring.  Earlier in 2013, they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Now, they are going to take a break.

Guitarist Alex Lifeson explains to Billboard, "We've committed to taking about a year off...We committed to a year, so that's going to take us through to the end of next summer, for sure. That's the minimum. We haven't stopped or quit. Right now we're just relaxing. We're taking it easy and just enjoying our current employment."

Lifeson turned a lot of heads at Rush's induction into the Hall of Fame.  His "blah, blah" speech made a lot of people question whether he cared about the honor.  But, he says he submitted his votes for this year's inductees, "Certainly with Deep Purple and Yes and Nirvana, I think they're all candidates, and I think Kiss deserves to be in there, too."