The Who guitarist/songwriter Pete Townshend wrote a new song that will appear on the April 30 episode of The Americans on FX.

Townshend worked on the song with the show's composer, Nathan Barr.  The collaborators originally wrote the song for a specific scene for the show.  But, it ended up being used somewhere else.

Speaking to Billboard Townshend said of the the scene featuring his song, "It's really striking."

Townshend also explained how he feels about the song and working with Barr, "What I was struck by was that Nate composes on the cello, an instrument my partner and orchestrator Rachel (Fuller) uses, so I have listened to a lot of cello music and I have really fallen in love with it.  We exchanged ideas (between England and Los Angeles) and I was immediately struck by this very evocative piece he had written, very plaintive. I added some guitar, then came up with some lyrics."