Several artists have distanced themselves from SeaWorld after the release of the documentary, Blackfish.

Joan Jett asked the theme partk to stop using her music, according to the AP.  Jett says, "I'm among the millions who saw `Blackfish' and am sickened that my music was blasted without my permission at sound-sensitive marine mammals."

Heart, along with Willie Nelson and the Barenaked Ladies, have cancelled appearances at SeaWorld.  On their Twitter page the band announced, "Heart has chosen to decline their forthcoming performance at SeaWorld on 2/9/14 due to the controversial documentary film 'Black Fish.'"

Nancy Wilson explained:

Blackfish tells the story of an orca whale named Tilikum.  The whale killed a SeaWorld in 2010.  The documentary attempts to explain why that happened.  SeaWorld has called the film "misleading."