Gregg Allman wants the producers of a movie that is based on his life to stop making the film.  Allman's attorneys filed a lawsuit last week in Savannah, Georgia.

Midnight Rider is based on Allman's 2012 memoir, My Cross to Bear.  Initially, Allman was on board with the film.

Then, a crash killed a crew member and injured six others.  That was on February 20.  Production was suspended, but is expected to resume in June.

Allman wrote a letter asking for the movie to be shut down and the actor who was set to portray the southern rock legend, William Hurt, pulled out of the movie.

Now, Allman is taking legal action.

According to the Associated Press, Allman wants the producers "to cease all efforts to make a motion picture based upon the life of Gregg Allman and/ or his autobiography."

On February 20, a freight train struck crew members who were filming on railroad bridge.  Investigators say that the movie did not have permission to be filming on the tracks.