Mick Jagger is "the angel of doom."

Those are the words Brazilians are using to describe the singer of The Rolling Stones.  One Brazilian TV station called Jagger "the biggest jinx in history."

Why are Brazilians so mad?

Brazil's soccer team was destroyed 7-1 by Germany.  Jagger was there.

But, Jagger's soccer fandom is cursed.

It all began back in 2010.  At the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Jagger was present to watch his native England lose to Germany (to be fair, Germany is good).  Then, he sat with Bill Clinton as the United States lost to Ghana.  In the next round of that tournament, he was seen wearing a Brazil shirt while the Brazilians fell to the Netherlands.

Before the start of this year's World Cup, Jagger gave his public support for his homeland once again.  But, England was quickly bounced from the tournament.  At a Lisbon, Portugal Rolling Stones concert, he told the crowd that Portugal would win the World Cup.  Portugal did not make it to the second round.  Then, at another Rolling Stones show, in Italy, Jagger claimed that Italy would beat Uruguay in their upcoming game.  Italy lost.

Jagger attempted to appear neutral at the Brazil vs. Germany game.  But, he was with his Brazilian 15-year-old son Lucas.

Brazilian fans brought cut-outs of Jagger wearing a Germany shirt.  But, that did not reverse the curse.

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