It was 40 years ago when the white-and-black-painted faces of Kiss became household symbols in the rock world. On February 18, 1974, the band released its debut album, “Kiss,” with Casablanca Records and on the following day, taped its first television appearance on Dick Clark’s in Concert.

Since assembling in 1972, the band literally changed the face of rock—mounting stages in overstated makeup and costumes and performing wild stunts like fire breathing, blood spitting, guitar smashing, and levitating drum sets.

The band rose to stardom because of their reputation for over-the-top live performances and thus released their first live album, Alive! The album achieved gold status and included Kiss’ first top 40 single, which was the live version of “Rock and Roll All Nite,” complete with the guitar solo.

This April, the band is expected to be inducted with Nirvana, Peter Gabriel, and Cat Stevens in the Class of 2014 into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.